Since 2012, the law firm of Bailey & Lumb has been dedicated to providing our clients exceptional employee benefits and executive compensation legal services at the lowest possible cost.

Comfort in a Complex World

The attorneys at Bailey & Lumb have more than 40 years of combined experience in employee benefits and executive compensation law. Our practice is focused exclusively and extensively on the complex and changing laws, regulations, and rulings that apply to employee benefits and executive compensation. One of our primary goals is to comfort our clients with the knowledge that they have experienced legal professionals guiding them through the maze of benefits and compensation requirements, restrictions, limitations, and exceptions.

Employers and benefits professionals often feel “priced out” of obtaining necessary legal advice due to the high hourly rates and fees typically charged by attorneys in connection with complex employee benefits and executive compensation issues. The attorneys at Bailey & Lumb are committed to eliminating the cost prohibitions that frequently cause employers and benefits professionals to decide to forego essential legal advice and assistance. By keeping our overhead expenses low, we are able to provide these services at prices that are significantly less than our peers.

Our Clients

Different types of employers sponsor different types of benefit plans and encounter different legal and tax requirements and restrictions. The attorneys at Bailey & Lumb have extensive experience providing employee benefits and executive compensation advice to a wide range of employers, including publicly traded, privately held, tax-exempt, church-related, and governmental employers.

Compliance is Key

While solving problems after they arise is often necessary, it is preferable to take action to prevent problems from arising. We provide compliance advice and assistance to clients at every step of the benefit plan implementation and administration processes, from identifying potential compliance issues resulting from plan design, to assisting with interpretations of applicable laws and plan provisions, to providing guidance on benefits administration issues as they unfold.

Best of Both Worlds

In a challenging business environment, economic concerns are always present. It can be a challenge for any type of employer to pay the top dollars commanded by large law firms for advice on employee benefits and executive compensation and the related regulatory compliance and tax issues. However, this type of advice is invaluable and often imperative. Bailey & Lumb attorneys provide that advice at a price that recognizes the realities of the current business climate.